Aerosol Technical Solutions offers 28 years of Aerosol Industry experience, providing a broad range of technical services to Marketers, Manufacturers, Filers and Suppliers in the Aerosol Industry. In addition, ATS provides independent, 3rd party expert witness services, which include product failure analysis investigations.


Product Development
Product Testing
Technical Support

Specification Development
Process Development and Scale-up
Product Testing / Failure Analysis
Aerosol Lab Design

Aerosol Quality Systems
Design and Implement Product Specific QA Systems
Audit and Improve Quality Assurance Systems
Process Validation
Consumer Complaint Reduction
Technology Training
Aerosol Technology 101
Aerosol Product and Package Development
Aerosol Quality Control Systems
Product Litigations: Prevention & Damage Control
Expert Witness
Technical Analysis for Case Planning
Aerosol Product Failure Analysis
Depostition and Trial Experience
ATS Highlights

Launched multiple aerosol product lines into regional, national and international markets.

Introduced over 50 SKUs

Invented New Technology - Aerosol Technology patents issued and pending in multiple areas of Technology (Household Products, Hair Care, Cooking Release Sprays, VOC Reduction, etc...)

Advised Quality Departments on the design and implementation of upgrades to their existing aerosol quality assurance systems.

Provided Quality Control Procedures to support the launch of new and improved aerosol products.

Reduced Customer Complaints significantly by recommending the use of a new valve system.

Assisted Multiple Clients in identifying, analyzing, and resolving product development, manufacturing, and quality related problems.

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